Main objectives:
The main goal of the Web 2.0 Hybrid Education project is to enable primary and secondary school teachers to use Web 2.0 tools and increase the quality of hybrid education. There are several aims to work on in order to achieve this goal:

• Increasing primary and secondary school teachers’ digital literacy related to Web 2.0 tools;
• Presenting a programme that provides teachers with a set of theoretical steps to use Web 2.0 tools;
• Reaching organisations such as public and private educational institutions, educational authorities and national curriculum councils;
• Promoting the professional development of primary and secondary education teachers;
• Increase the efficiency of online education through the use of Web 2.0 tools.

Final results:
• Development of a Curriculum that will help teachers understand the goals, advantages and types of Web 2.0 tools, which will include a methodology with the necessary steps to develop their skills in the field;
• Development of modules and a video series which will be useful for increasing teachers’ skills of Web 2.0 tools;
• Development of an E-learning Platform which will be provided with the appropriate equipment and help teachers;
• Development of a digital Guide Tool.